Investing in Vietnam

How to obtain a Vietnam investment certificate?

Vietnam’s investment certificate is an authorization issued by the Vietnamese government to create economic activity in Vietnam. The process for obtaining a Vietnam Investment certificate was simplified in 2014.

The difference between the investment certificate and registration certificate

The 2014 act on investment certificates in Vietnam and the 2014 act on Companies harmonized the procedure for companies with foreign capital and for companies with Vietnamese capital .

We must now distinguish between the two types of certificates:

  • Certificate of investment for foreign companies: this is an electronic or printed document issued by a Vietnamese authority, which records information on an investment project. So, investors should first prepare an investment project and then make an application to obtain the certificate.
  • Registration certificate, required for both Vietnamese companies and for foreign companies: this is a document, printed or electronic, issued by a Vietnamese authority as evidence of a company’s registration.

Obtaining the Vietnam investment certificate

The investment certificate application in Vietnam should mainly contain the following information:

  • The investment proposal
  • the name and address of the investor
  • the location of the investment project
  • the objectives of the investment project
  • the total cost of the project
  • the projected duration of the project

The investment certificate application in Vietnam must be submitted to the competent public authority.

Obtaining the certificate of registration in Vietnam

The registration certificate must contain the following information:

  • the company name
  • the address of the registered office
  • the name, address, nationality and a copy of the passport or identity card of the legal representative of the company
  • the share capital amount

To obtain a registration certificate, four conditions must be met:

  • Industry sector: the industry sector in which the investment is made should not be banned
  • Company name: The company name must not already be registered
  • Certificate application: the investor shall have completed a certificate application in due form
  • Fees: the investor shall pay the costs of the certificate application

If these conditions are met, the competent authorities have 3 days to issue the registration certificate. In principle, the investment registration procedure takes 15 days, then it takes another 3 days to register the company and to obtain the certificate of registration. When a project is particularly large, it also requires an agreement in principle from the People’s Committee of the province, the Prime Minister or the National Assembly. advises you from A to Z on how to obtain an investment certificate in Vietnam. Ask online for a free no-obligation quote.