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Looking for a law firm in Vietnam to invest or start a business in Vietnam? Vietnamese lawyers Vietnamese-Attorney.com accompany you in your project. They benefit from extensive expertise in investment law and international business law.

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Vietnamese-Attorney.com lawyers have academic qualifications in investment law and corporate law. As provided by Vietnamese law, training of staff of law firms in Vietnam begins at a university in law and lasts at least four years. After following a common base, Vietnamese lawyers specialise in various fields (business law and taxation, labour law, criminal law, public law, etc.).

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The Law on Lawyers oversees the training of lawyers in Vietnam.

  • Legal professional training course: Vietnamese lawyers perform a twelve-month of training which is organized and conducted by Judicial Academy – Ministry of Justice of Vietnam
  • Legal practice probation: trainee lawyers have twelve months in a legal practising organization (law firms or law offices) where they are supervised and instructed by qualified lawyer described by law. This probation is supervised by bar associations.
  • Obtaining legal practising certificate: once passing the examination, trainee lawyers shall be granted legal practising certificate by Ministry of Justice of Vietnam. Admission to bar associations once trainee lawyers hold legal practising certificate. As recommended by the bar association where the lawyer is member, lawyers’card shall be issued by Vietnam Bar Federation for that lawyer
  • Issue of documents required to work: To practice as a lawyer in Vietnam, it is necessary to hold a practising certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice and lawyers’ card. The lawyers’ card must be presented when Vietnamese lawyer taking participation in legal proceedings.

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