Vietnamese-Attorney.com: professional guarantee of Vietnamese attorney in business law

Vietnamese attorney at Vietnamese-Attorney.com are legal professionals boasting recognised experience in corporate law and investment law. Our Vietnamese attorneys support you through administrative procedures with Vietnamese authorities for investment and business development in Vietnam.

Professional guarantees of Vietnamese attorney on Vietnamese-Attorney.com

The Law on Lawyers in Vietnam lays down principles that lawyers must meet, which offers solid professionalism guarantees to clients:

  • Qualifications: Vietnamese attorneys Vietnamese-Attorney.com followed a quality legal education at the university and training course of Ministry of Justice. They are members of the Bar and are entitled to exercise the legal profession. They have a Certificate of practice of the legal profession issued by the Ministry of Justice and a lawyer’s card issued by the Socio-professional association of lawyers operating nationwide (Vietnam Bar Federation).
  • Ethics: The Vietnamese attorneys Vietnamese-Attorney.com are subject to strict compliance with demanding ethics, enacted in the public interest and thus guaranteeing the client a quality service.
  • Responsibility: Our lawyers are responsible before the law for their work, which ensures customer loyalty and professionalism on the part of their lawyer. They are accountable for their work to the Bar of where they work, and disciplinary action can be taken in case of failure to comply with ethical standards.

Services offered by Vietnamese attorney at Vietnamese-Attorney.com

  • Representations to the Vietnamese authorities: a vietnamese attorney at Vietnamese-Attorney.com accompany you and represent you in all your dealings with the Vietnamese authorities. They help you in particular to obtain an investment license and business registration certificate, documents necessary for the commencement of business on Vietnamese soil.
  • Drafting of legal documents: Our Vietnamese attorneys offer drafting of contracts, company articles of association and terms of sale on behalf of their clients. In this context, they can assist a party in the drafting of a deed or contract. Our lawyers are responsible for drafting all types of contracts, such as partnership contracts, employment contracts or contracts of sale.
  • Legal Consultations: a vietnamese attorney at Vietnamese-Attorney.com establishes legal consultations in the field of business and corporate law, tax law, labour law, real estate law, competition law, or even civil and contract law. The consultation aims to inform the client of the state of law on a particular issue and advise.
  • Legal negotiations service: Our lawyers can negotiate, act and sign a contract in the name and on behalf of their clients. They then take care to contact the contractual partner to organise the negotiation and defence of the customer in its best interests. They also help their clients in negotiations to end a dispute, such as the negotiation of a settlement agreement or a commercial agreement.

Vietnamese attorneys at Vietnamese-Attorney.com advise you from A to Z for your investment and business creations in Vietnam. Ask online for a free no-obligation quote.