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With Vietnamese-Attorney.com, get advice from vietnamese lawyer specialising in investment and business creation. Our Vietnamese lawyers are highly trained professionals who put their legal expertise at the service of your projects.

A full range of legal services in Vietnamese law

  • Vietnamese-Attorney.com informs and advises you: The lawyer is a professional consultant. He helps you in the key moments of your professional life (business creation, life stages of your business …) informing you and advising you on the legal consequences of your choices. He shows you the way forward by allowing you to avoid possible causes of disputes.
  • Vietnamese-Attorney.com helps you: It assists you in negotiating your private or commercial contracts. The Vietnamese lawyer guide you as part of contract negotiations or litigation sentence in finding amicable solutions.
  • Vietnamese-Attorney.com defends you: When no amicable solution could be found and that legal action is necessary, the Vietnamese lawyer assists you or represents you at all stages of the proceedings.
  • Vietnamese-Attorney.com draws up your deeds: The lawyer acts as author of legal acts (contracts, company articles of association, etc.). He writes the contracts and agreements, for both businesses and individuals. Thus, and without this list being exhaustive, he drafts the contracts, commercial leases, sales promises, goodwill disposals, transfers of shares, the company articles of association or the minutes of meetings. Similarly, in case of difficulties devolving from a prior agreement or during the process, he draws up a transaction that ends the dispute, and ensures that problems will not recur.
  • Vietnamese-Attorney.com accompanies you in your efforts with the Vietnamese Government: Understanding the intricacies of the administration is not easy, especially in a foreign country. The lawyer accompanies you in your efforts with the Vietnamese government to respect the forms and deadlines.

 A quality commitment of our Vietnamese lawyer and international lawyers

In Vietnam, lawyers hold a law degree from a university and take the probation at legal practising organizations (law firms, law offices). This probation is supervised by bar associations. training at the Bar. They have a practising certificate and lawyers’ card to practice as a lawyer. Lawyers involved in procedural activities during a trial, offer legal advice and defend the legitimate rights and interests of their clients in accordance with the law. The use of theVietnamese-Attorney.com service allows you to receive quality support:

  • Vietnamese-Attorney.com, a local business world connoisseur: Vietnamese-Attorney.com offers far more than legal knowledge. He also knows the cultural and business practices in Vietnam, allowing him to offer his customers personalised support.
  • Ethics, integrity assurance of Vietnamese-Attorney.com: Vietnamese-Attorney.com must comply with strict ethical rules, which guarantees its customers a relationship based on mutual trust and transparency.
  • Competence and independence of Vietnamese-Attorney.com: The jurisdiction of Vietnamese-Attorney.com in its law practice is acquired at university and then maintained by a daily practice of law. Vietnamese-Attorney.com is independent of any political, economic or judicial authority and is therefore guided by the legitimate interest of its client.

Competitive rates to facilitate access to the Vietnamese law

The client must pay a fee when relying on legal counsel. The fees of the lawyer are in principle set freely and in agreement with their client. The amount of fees is agreed between the client and the lawyer in a contract for legal services. The fee amount varies depending on the content and nature of the legal service, the time and the effort devoted by the lawyer to perform the legal service, and the experience and reputation of the lawyer. Four billing methods can be considered:

  • fixed fee: Vietnamese-Attorney.com undertakes to offer, insofar as possible, a flat rate fee to its customers. The remuneration is fixed and intangible in a comprehensive manner from the beginning of your relationship. The amount of the compensation will depend on the complexity of the case. In practice, this option is available in the files with few risks (writing a contract, writing or modification of the articles of association of companies, etc.).
  • Fees based on time spent: When the nature of the case requires it, Vietnamese-Attorney.com practices fees by the hour. The time spent by the lawyer handling the case is recognised and subsequently charged with a specified hourly rate. The hourly rate is announced at the opening of the case and depend on the number of hours the lawyer spends.
  • Proportional fees: For some case whose financial stakes can be assessed in money, it is possible to calculate the fee by applying a declining percentage of the sums recovered or amounts of disbursement avoided.

In addition to the fees, Vietnamese-Attorney.com and the client can agree on the payment of travel, subsistence and other reasonable expenses incurred for the provision of legal services.

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