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With Vietnamese-Attorney.com, get advice from a lawyer specialised in investment law in Vietnam, with extensive legal knowledge and understanding of the local economy.

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To invest and work in Vietnam, authorisations are required, under the law on foreign investment. Vietnamese-Attorney.com assists you in your efforts with the Vietnamese authorities.

  • Visa: To enter Vietnam, a business visa is required. Different types of visas exist depending on the applicant’s business. The visa application should be addressed to the Vietnamese consulate or a Vietnamese embassy.
  • Work permit: There is in principle compulsory for gainful employment in Vietnam. Some professions are however exempted. The work permit shall be issued by the Vietnamese Labour Authorities.
  • Residence permit: will be issued in correspondence with visas.

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At Vietnamese-Attorney.com, our Investment Law lawyers have extensive knowledge of domestic law and international investment and a solid foundation on the economic aspects of the field. Its missions are varied:

  • Vietnamese-Attorney.com informs and advises: Vietnamese-Attorney.com informs its customer on possible investment conditions in Vietnam, and advises on the most suitable form for their project. Vietnamese-Attorney.com, explains the rules and mechanisms of protection of investment that a foreign investor in Vietnam can expect, and informs clients of their rights.
  • Vietnamese-Attorney.com accompanies its client in administrative procedures: Vietnamese-Attorney.com helps its client to prepare its case for obtaining the investment license or any other document required for the investment. Its help is valuable because the file must be complete and consistent. Forgetting a document can greatly slow down the process.
  • Vietnamese-Attorney.com defends the rights of its client in litigation: In case of dispute, Vietnamese-Attorney.com defends its client before a Vietnamese court or arbitration proceedings.

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